I'm unable to attend a rescheduled event

This form must only be completed if you have received an email about a rescheduled performance and are definitely unable to attend on the new date.

Choose one of the options below:

Donate your tickets

We’re facing real and sustained pressure – but we are determined to come back stronger when it’s possible for us to do so.    

We’ve received a number of enquiries from customers asking how they can support their local venue through this difficult period – with some suggesting that they would wish to waive their right to reimbursement - and instead donate the value of their tickets to us.

Whilst understanding this will not be possible for everyone, your support for your local venue will be gratefully received.

Donate your booking 

Request credit voucher

Your tickets, including any fees, will be reimbursed with a voucher – valid for any future event booked within 2 years from the date of issue.

We are encouraging customers to choose this option so we can welcome you back when things return to normal.

Choosing a voucher credit is the best way to safeguard the future of your local venue.

If you cannot attend the new date, submit this form and we will remove the tickets from your order and we'll send your voucher as soon as possible.

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Email address

Event   If your order contains more than one event, state which event(s) you are requesting a voucher for

We are receiving a large volume of customer enquiries currently and we are operating with a reduced staffing structure at this time.  Please be patient and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible; and certainly prior to the rescheduled date. 

Have another enquiry?

If you have another question about your order, including a request for a refund, please use our online enquiry form. We are dealing with a very large volume of enquiries – please be aware it may take several weeks for us to deal with your request.