Get involved as a volunteer

Get involved and become a volunteer today...

We are always on the lookout for great people to start their volunteering journey with us. As a Volunteer Usher you will get to welcome and interact with people from all over the UK and even the world in the knowledge that you are making a valuable contribution to the experience of both our customers and staffs enjoyment whilst at our venue.

People volunteer with us for all sorts of reasons; from wanting to open up your social circle and make new friends, to gaining valuable experience to put on your CV, wanting to make a contribution to our community, or perhaps to learn more about theatre and the arts. It’s an exciting, vibrant place to volunteer where every day brings new visitors, new challenges and that infectious buzz as the performance starts!

We are currently taking on new volunteers so if you would like to join our team please email info@watfordcolosseum.co.uk and we will be in touch very soon.

Overview of Duties

As a volunteer, there are several different duties you may be asked to perform. The main duties you may be asked to undertake are listed below with a brief description of what each role entails.

Auditorium Ushers

Auditorium Ushers supervise the emergency exits inside the auditorium. In an emergency an auditorium usher helps the audience to evacuate the building via the appropriate exits. They also check tickets and guide people to their seats. Auditorium ushers may also help with programme sales during a performance. The end of performance checks includes checking that the emergency exits are secure.

Foyer Ushers

Foyer Ushers are located inside the main entrance. This is a key position for welcoming our customers and being the first point of contact.


Merchandisers will assist in the selling of programmes and merchandise. They will be responsible for agreeing the total amount taken against stock issued.

Other Possible Duties

Other possible duties include ice cream sales and cloakroom duty. We may also ask for your help when members of the public are in the building for private events.